What next for the mail Ban

In America they have now decreed that vaping hardware and juices, are not allowed to be shipped to the customers houses.

Why is this and what will it do to the industry.

Well, it started with Barec Obama, thinking it would stop youths buying tobacco online and getting it at home to smoke. It did not state vaping. But since vaping is classed as tobacco in America. Then this would apply.

But for the tens of thousands of residents in America, it will stop United States Postal Services to stop delivering to households. In contrast, they do need to have id ready at hand and a background check to be issued upon delivery. But none of the major delivery services want to incur the time it would take to have this done.

As well as this the PMTA is still being drafted, with many thousands of patents for juices, being sent in so they can still be sold. But what if the FDA stated that no flavours of juices be allowed on the market other than Tobacco and Menthol.

It all boils down to money and who you know, as the people who have given up smoking in favour for vaping, have cost the local governments millions or even billions of dollars from the master settlement.

So we believe that once all is gone and no one could get a vape (all known devices, juices, accessories) that the head of Government will make a deal to tax all vape paraphernalia to allow the public the use of these health saving devices.

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