Elections over, what next for the industry.

With the US having done the elections for the next president of the United States of America. What next for the Vaping Industry over there.

Well, if Trump would have one, he might have been a little lenient in the PMTA’s and might have broken Vaping off from Tobacco, so that a new law could have been enacted. But it is only for this that many businesses may have resulted in closing or even Bankruptcy.

Then if Biden would have won, he instincly stated that he would shut down Vaping until his sciencetists would have stated what the Royal college of PHYSICIANS had stated over 5 years ago, from Britain.

So I believe that the industry over there will have to be immediately closed, once Biden wins.

He will only make people go back to smoking and that is why the FDA,CDC, President, Goveners want people to do, for the master selltlement agreement.

As if they don’t they will default on bonds that they got 10 years prior to E-cigs becoming popular.

In whole, the Vaping Industry is on a thread, and it still remains un threaded.

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