When will governments be empathetic to people who need a safer nicotine experience?

Since the inception of the e-cigarette, there have been many countries and governments, preaching against the use of this product. It is with this that there have been bans, for importing this product. But with the many governments that see this as a viable cause for smoking cessation. It is mainly the UK that is embracing this product to get people to stop smoking, but like the US, Australia, New Zealand and others, that have bans.

Bans for the Australian government is that no toy or device can resemble a cigarette. And that Nicotine is a Poison. Many users of this device here, are wanting nicotine to curb the cravings for a cigarette, and the only way to obtain this is through a General Practitioner (GP) Or Doctor who would write out a prescription to obtain a small amount of nicotine to put into the e-liquid.

But the Australian Government is against this safer method.

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