USA PMTA Madness

With the collapse of the industry on September 9th 2020, the industry has been put on hold until many businesses and manufacturers can place a Pre Market Tobacco Application. This is that the FDA places Vaping devices and accessories and juices as a Tobacco product.

It is costly to place an application for one item and many juice vendors who have the same juice but different nic content need to place one for each volume. and this could run into the millions of Dollars.

I sincerely hope that the process to have a PMTA will be different and less cost for the end user to have all their product on the market. Other wise it will just be for nothing. And it will take time for each and every device to be marked as legel.

This is because they want children to stay clear from smoking.

But in essence, I would rather see a child of 18 years old vape rather than smoke. As since this has been like this the smoking rates have been going down. But with the pandemic, the old have gone back to smoking as they see that if the government want them to quit vaping and smoking by only using Pharmaceutical medicine.

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