Why do many American states ban flavours.

If you are wondering why many states in the USA have started to ban flavours it is for many reasons. These reasons stem from people who do not have a clue about what health benefits Vaping has for a smoker.

When the Government decrees a Nation wide ban.

But before we go into more detail, New York has just passed a bill to eradicate flavours other than Tobacco and Menthol. Cigars and Cigarettes are untouched in the bill, but what bothers most people is why is Vaping been given a bad name or bad background. They play on the youth epidemic that once vaped in a given month, they do not ask, Is this youth vaping more than once in a given month. No, they do not.

They think that if a youth vapes once in that month they would start to experiment with real tobacco cigarettes. But from what the national statistics survey said, it is only once or twice in a month that a youth may initiate vaping, and never going on to cigarettes. This is true that for one to go onto vaping you would have had to smoked more cigarettes than vaped.

So the numbers are down in smoking rates since any survey was done.

No Public Debate could happen with the Covid-19 being present.

So why do American states try and ban vaping, Is it that the master settlement is under pressure from people who turn to vaping and no income comes from this, or is it that the majority of states think that the youth epidemic will start with youths taking up vaping and not smoking.

Either way, they do not have the health of the public in mind. They need taxes to sustain a good amount of money from the master settlement.

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