At the start.

The Inception and Invention of the modern-day ecig.

For those that have seen and are using an E-Cigarette, it all came about for a better way to get nicotine in a safer method than the cancer-causing Analogue Cigarettes. Here we will tell the story of the modern-day person who created them. Namely Hon Lik.

The Curator of the modern-day e-cig.

Hon Lik was born on the  26 September 1951 (age 68 years), in Shenyang, China. He smoked most of his adult life until he seen his father pass away from cancer. He then went on and thought that there could be a safer way for smokers to get nicotine. So with his PhD in Chemistry (Pharmaceuticals) He created the first ecig in about 2005. And then had his invention ready for the general public by 2007. It did not take off fast but by 2014 nearly everyone in the western world knew about this invention.

Hon Lik is regarded as the grandfather that is E-Cigs.

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